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Board of Directors

Malik Mohsin Saeed

Chief Executive Officer / Chairman BOD

As Executive Director/ Chairman BOG, I eulogies and commend your decision to join Tameer-i-Wattan. It is the Prime institution of the area with believes in excellence in academics, grooming, character building, physical fitness, healthy environment and carrying a changed personality second none.

You will surely enjoy cordial, congenial, friendly and home like environment of the institution. The adopt and compassionable faculty always ready to help the students day and night. It is not merely a hollow claims but it well proven reality proved by the performance of our young Tameerians in all the academic, co-curricular and extracurricular fields.

Malik Ahsin Saeed

Administrator Cum Principal / Deputy Chairman BOD

TAMEER-I-WATTAN since it came into being in 2007 treading on the way of rapid growth in leaps and bounds. I feel proud to be the Principal of such a prestigious, exalted and sublime college which produces future doctors, engineers, professors, Army, Navy, Air Force Officers and CSPs and along with the same it is a source of grooming of the students an academic, character building, confidence, dedications an appetite of zeal and zest for study.

People adore the college for its policy to provide quality education according to the financial health of the parents, and many of them free of cost on huge scholarships. We do not believe in commercialism and but instead believe in grooming the future leader of the nation as per the future demands. I am sure that your entry in the college would be entry into unending opportunities of success, glory, sincerity, soaring trends to cherished goals of life.

Air Commodore Muhammad Saif ul Islam

Director Administration / Member

TAMEER-I-WATTAN chain is determined to produce “thinking and reflecting individuals”. Pursuit of excellence in education, personality building and human resource development supported by a powerful administration is a never-ending process at this institute and it continues with undiminished vigor and zeal. As director administration, it’s my singular honor to torch the “Tameerians compass” that revolves around six broad contours including value system, nationhood, human resource development, education, well-being and empowerment. Obviously on first two edifice the remaining domains that groom the future leadership of Pakistan rooting deep at their nursery of TAMEER-I-WATAN.

“Let TAMEER-I-WATTAN flourish as a system in step with most advanced educational developments inland and across the globe. The administrative segment pledges to groom programs crafted in a manner to transform participants into good citizens with wholesome personality”

Brigadier Rehan Maqsood Alam, SI (M)(R)

Director Administration / Member

TAMEER-I-WATTAN has transcended through the years into one of the finest institutions of KPK. This distinction has been achieved through merit-based policies, determination, commitment to the cause and the hard work of all its members. I am honored to be associated with such a prestigious institution.

We are a school and college system that develops a student bold enough to tackle any challenge the world has to offer. We at Tameer-i-Wattan aspire to transform raw minds into creative and analytical thinking minds. Our aim is to lead, through quality education, to the growth of the nation and beyond. We foster the knowledge, confidence and adaptability our students will need to be the right kinds of leaders for the country. We collaborate to connect brilliant minds in studies with matching practical abilities. Our system encourages students to learn, experiment and experience unparalleled range of activities to open themselves up to take on real challenges in life and persevere in practical life. As a Tameerian, students have exclusive access to a vast range of activities to perform around curriculum and enrich their experience. These extracurricular activities are a great way to develop skills, gain experience and mature as sound individuals for the society.

Brigadier Muhammad Ilyas SI(M)(R)

Director Administration / Member

I feel privileged to assume appointment as Director Administration, Girls Wing of Tameer-i-Wattan Schools & Colleges Abbottabad. In a short span of 13 years, this institution has become a benchmark for quality education having excellent academic, administrative facilities and congenial learning atmosphere to the utmost satisfaction of students and parents alike. It has done so through its commitment to excellence while achieving high standards in academics, character building, and personality development of our future generations. My sincere compliments to its founders, management and staff who have invested their time and intellect towards building the institution’s excellent reputation

As we move forward with renewed aims and objectives of setting even higher coaching standards as well as inculcate leadership skills and good moral values in the young generation, I as the Director Administration of this esteemed institution, hereby invite all its affiliates to strive for maintaining culture of excellence in its organizational, management and administrative aspects with the aim of making it an exceptional National Center of Excellence and a leading choice of parents as well as students.

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