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Welcome to Tameer-i-Wattan Public School & College Abbottabad, a nationally recognized institute providing academic excellence, and a vibrant community of scholars and learners committed to serve the nation and the humanity across the world.


  1. On successful completion of the prescribed course of study, students are promoted to the higher class attached of academic year. Those attaining top positions are awarded prizes ad merit certificates. Following medals are awarded on the annual parent's day and prize distribution ceremony.
  2. Gold medals are awarded to students scoring 95% and above in annual examination (Play group to class 8th ) while in case of SSC students are awarded gold medals having marks 470 and above in board examination in the year and HSSC-I students scoring 440 in board examination will be awarded gold medal.
  3. Silver medal are awarded to students having percentage 90% to 94.99% in annual examination (Play group to Class 8")
  4. Medal stars are awarded for position holder students in SSC and HSSC annual board examinations.
  5. Laptops are awarded for position holder in SSC-I and HCCS-I annual board examinations.
  6. Ummrah & Hajj Tickets are awarded for topper students in SSC & HSSC annual board examination.
  7. Merit certificates are awarded to high achiever students according to criterion laid by college administration.


Punctuality is the backbone of any field of life; achievement and accomplishment is the product of regularity. Observing the gravity of the major offence of missing the classes, the education code, as well as the Board's Calendar (BISE Abbottabad) have laid down that a student who has less than 75 % of possible attendance, counted from the date of the commencement of the academic session, or the date of his/her admission to the school, in case of new admission, may not be allowed to take the annual examination. Therefore, we consider that complete class attendance is primary to learning and punctuality is the bedrock of discipline. On our part, the School and College have taken further strict measures to curb absenteeism. These measures are as follows.

  1. Attendance in class is recorded twice a day in the morning assembly and then after the recess. Leave for absence has to be applied for in advance writing and the application, written in ink, should be duly signed by the parent/guardian.
  2. Application for medical must be delivered personally by the parent/guardian to eliminate the chances of malingering.
  3. Name of boys absenting themselves without valid reason for three (3) consecutive days or a broken period of five (5) days or more in one half of a term are liable to be struck off the school/ college rolls and will have to seek re-admission.
  4. In the process of readmission, the student may also miss the Mid-term or End-term exam. As per our new marking system, the marks of each of the four exam in a session will now contribute to the core of the final exam thus, the absence from anyone exam would substantially decrease the chances of passing at the end of the year.
  5. Students of college sections who remains frequently absent from the class, during the term will not be allowed to continue their studies in the college and their Admission form will be with drawn and the student will not be allowed to take the examination.
  6. A fine of Rs. 50/- per day is levied for absence without leave in case of Day Boarder/ Day Scholar , and Rs. 100/- per may be imposed for absence immediately after the vacation/holidays and in case of college students any day of the year.
  7. Late comer will be fine Rs. 100 per day & casual student will be fined heavily and will be given warning letters leading to expulsion from the school/ college.
  8. After the three warning letters the student will be expelled from the college/School on the disciplinary grounds showing the irregularity in the attendance.
  9. Telephonic information about the leave will be entertained only in case of emergency.

Co-Curricular Grooming

Realizing the same from last your college has established a separate directorate under a senior professor as director tutorials and co-curricular wing. Last year English/Urdu declamation were held. The Iqbal day was celebrated where the students proved their skills to sing the Kalam-e-Iqbal in such a way that audience seemed enchanted.


To spur the talent of Tameerians the club (d) Drama Club under the supervision of experienced staff the students well take part in different creative and healthy activities.

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