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1st Position in SSC-Session 2019

Abbottabad Board

1st Position in SSC-Session 2019

By the Grace of Almighty ALLAH, TAMEER-I-WATTAN Public Schools & Colleges stood 1st in SSC Exams Session 2019 affiliated with Abbottabad Board and a brilliant TAMEERIAN FATIMA SHAKEEL took victory over 1 LAC,22 Thousand and 600 Hundred candidates and topped the Board.
In her Interview, she solemly said that "this marverlous victory is just due to ceaseless efforts of TAMEER-I-WATTAN and specialy their Teaching staff." She further said that "All this credit goes to her institute that enabled her to brighten the name of her Parents, Countryand Institute.."

In Interview, she also declared her goal that "she wants to be a scientist in future as she loves to study physics and like Arfa Kareem she will also make a name for herself her parents, her institute and her country in future."
Principal cum Administrator- Mr. Ahsin Saeed said that "he is thankful to Almighty ALLAH and this is all due to his greatest blessings and this victory is due to ceaseless struggle of Teachers , Students, Administration and Parents.
He further added that he promises to work hard with the same spirit to maintain the same position and to do more for his institute, students and for country to illuminate their names to the brightest and will.

Date: 26th June 2019

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